Month: April 2016

The Photographer’s Wife

I am married to a photographer. For anyone married to one who spends the greater part of their present life behind a lens you know that if you want be with this person, it means following them where ever their subject draws them.   Being the photographer’s wife means waking at 4:00 am hike to the top of a mountain or spending hours on a windy, cold beach waiting for the sun to set, then waiting for that purplish and orange color to dissipate and then waiting for the black sky to emerge, this can take anywhere from a half hour...

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What You Learn From Loving An Addict – Alicia Cook

What You Learn From Loving An Addict Alicia Cook   I am not an addict. But if you try to love one, I am positive you will become addicted to trying to fix him. If you’re lucky, he’ll recover. If you’re really lucky, he’ll recover and still be there for you. Loving a drug addict can and will consume your every thought. Watching his physical deterioration and emotional detachment to everything will make you the most exhausted insomniac alive. You will stand in the doorway of his bedroom, and you will plead you “just want him back.” If you watch the person you love disappear right in front of your eyes for long enough, you will start to dissolve, too. Those not directly affected by your loved one’s addiction won’t be able to understand why you are so focused on his well-being, especially since he doesn’t seem very concerned with his own. Don’t become angry with these people. They do not understand, and they are lucky to not understand. You’ll catch yourself wishing you didn’t understand, either. “What if you had to wake up every day, and wonder if today was the day your loved one was going to die?” will become a popular, not-so-rhetorical question. Drug addiction has the largest ripple effect I have ever witnessed firsthand. It causes parents to outlive their children. It causes jail time...

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Whole 30 – 2015

2015 was a good year to try new things, in April I challenged myself to do a whole 30 – it starting with the reading of a book “It Starts With Food”  by Melissa Hartwig.  I read the book on the way home from taking my daughter up to College Orientation.  I was feeling bloated and horrible from all of the “good” food I was eating. Here’s my day to day eating blog and how I felt during that time.  Andree’s Whole 30 – April 2015   Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6...

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