For those of you who don’t know me, these are my initials.  They’ve changed over the years to my married names (there’s been a few).  And even now, my legal initials are ACS.  However, I’ve been an ACE all of my life and an ACE is who I am.   In general ACE means (a)  that you’re incredibly good at something (b) it’s the highest ranking card in the deck or (c)  in tennis, it’s to serve against an opponent. Three very different meanings, though this blog won’t be about tennis, at least not today.

I’ve always loved seeing my initials during my travels or when I’m on the road.  I may see it on a vending machine, or as a liquor store name, or even on a book, where ever I see it, you’ll see it here.   Should be fun to build this page.


Thanks for visiting.