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Challenging yourself with 10 suggested tips

What is the true nature of our human condition that drives us to push beyond what we thought was ever possible?   How we face adverse or triumphant challenges mold us into who we are no matter if  those challenges are brought upon us by ourselves or we are caught unawares.    Most of my challenges are self inflicted, some are not.   I do wonder what I was thinking when I start, but after I’ve dove in head first, I end up enjoying the ride, mostly after the challenge has been completed though. Here are some ways to challenge yourself. 1....

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Quality and Longevity

  Article transferred from Kenpowomen Site Note: For months now, I’ve been focusing on healthy living and eating. The Kenpowomen site was created as a platform for positive reinforcement and to be a place where women can go for any topic.  Lately, I haven’t been writing per se about Kenpo, such as techniques, forms or any politics for that matter, this site more about the life inside and outside of Kenpo as well as honoring women who have made a positive impact on our art.  Kenpo is very much a part of my life, I teach two days a week, and I still have...

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