I was reading an article today that showed the below video of Barbara Eden discussing the loss of her son to a heroine overdose back in 2001.

Her pain is real, it’s raw and sincere.  No mother should go through this.

Rich, Poor, from the best of families or the worst, addiction rears it’s ugly head in least expected places. In this video,  Barbara Eden says that silence is not the answer. We need to speak up and not be ashamed.

As a parent, it’s hard to not take on the ownership of our children’s upsides and downfalls.  When they’re doing great, we have big smiles on our faces and feel deep down inside that we had something to do with their success.  When the downfalls come, we do the same thing.

Fact is, yes, you had had in raising them, you nurtured, loved them and molded them to the best of your ability.  But after a time, your job is done, they make their own decisions, make their own successes and sadly, their own failures.