On the cover of this Sunday’s LA Times and on more than one occasion, I’ve seen write ups and investigations on the serious drug problems that plague cities across the U.S.

One town’s descent into crime, addiction and heartbreak

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Everett, Washington is one of these towns and it continues to happen throughout our county.  I can’t help but wonder that while these stories hit the front page of the LA TIMES, still nothing is being done about it.  People read it and brush it under the rug like it’s a fact of life.  That these lives don’t matter.  Because the victims of these stories have long lasting affects as do their loved ones, their addiction lasts for years, the disease will stay with them until the day they die and in many cases death comes sooner to them than later, because of this disease.

I guess education is the first step, knowledge. But we as parents do our best to educate our children against all of the bad things out there, yet addicts are popping up in every society, it’s not just narrowed down to one class, it’s all classes, it’s your next door neighbor, parents, spouses and children.  How is this happening?   At what point will these big Pharma Companies be held responsible for starting this epidemic? Are they above the law?

“At the time OxyContin was ravaging Everett, Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, was tracking the voluminous prescriptions written by Lake Medical’s doctors as well as the extraordinary quantities of pills ordered by corrupt pharmacies filling those prescriptions. It did not track Lake Medical pills to their final destinations, however.”

Saturday I spent the day in upscale Laguna Beach enjoying the arts festivals, the ocean, food and general ambiance. It was late in the evening and after we finished watching the sunset at our favorite beach we walked to the trolley stop.  At the stop a couple approached us waiting for the trolley too.  They were clearly high, probably on Meth as heroin has different effects.  The girl was either heavy set in the stomach or pregnant.  My heart ached for them. I didn’t look at them with hatred, but with pain, not only for them but for their parents, for this life that they’re destroying and all of the lives that they’ll destroy to appease their addiction.  I had to look away.

This problem is in EVERY TOWN.

Something needs to be done, but what?