Location: Bolsa Chica SB Tower 25

Time in the water: 1 hour

Waves surfed: 2

The surf was consistent with not many lulls in between sets. ( see surf report below) I was tired after an hour of fighting the waves.  I did get caught by a fisherman’s hook on my bootie, I know I wasn’t the only one that day. Most important lesson of the day was learning how to turtle roll – I wouldn’t say I mastered it, however now I’m pretty good at it now and am comfortable.  I couldn’t do much else but go through the white water that never seemed to stop. ha ha!

Surfed with: Angie, Caliblu Surf School, Huntington Beach

Saturday was my lesson with Angie over at Caliblu Surf School, she’s also a member of the Wahine-Kai Surf Club. It was a pleasure getting to know her and learn from her.  We sat longer on the sand going over etiquette and the rules of surf.  Angie answered all of my questions questions and was incredibly helpful.   The current was moving fast and we found ourselves down at T26 pretty fast, it was easier getting out of the water and walking back up the sand than to paddle.  I was most definitely not at my best on Saturday (physically), After Tuesday’s surf session at Old Man’s beach, I woke up with a sore, stiff neck, I must not have been completely healed because my neck really started to hurt while looking back at the waves and while paddling.  the pain continued throughout the afternoon and on Sunday I was completely immobile. I don’t know if this was the direct result of surfing, or I just slept on it wrong.  I ended up going to urgent care to get a muscle relaxer so I couldn’t do anything and was completely useless all day though I did watch Endless Summer, it was good.  I also watched another documentary with the timeline of how surfing started with a lot of great interviews, but I can’t think of the name of it right now.