Location:  Pismo Beach, CA

Time in the water: 1 hour 15 min

Waves caught: 5

Fun level:  7

What’s special today?   Grandson Aiden is 12 years old today, wish we could have seen him, but we had a nice phone conversation while he was playing his computer game (aw, to be 12 again with modern day electronics talking with grandma and papa)


now… on to surfing

I decided to get another lesson from a local school in Pismo Beach. I’m finding that the variety of instructors I’ve had have given me many alternatives on pop ups and understanding how to read waves.  Today’s instructor was Ginny from Central Coast Surf School.  She was a young, new instructor who has been surfing for years, she’s from Michigan and used to surfing on the Great Lakes and in Ireland which both seem incredibly cold to me, she has thick skin, unlike me.

I had her for an hour and a half and we worked mostly in the white water which I haven’t really done, I think that was helpful for me and next week when we’re staying in Pismo, I’ll hit that same spot and work some more on my pop up technique.   I had more smiles on this day in comparison to last Saturday so I’d chalk it up to a good, fun day.   I felt washed a bit with some of the waves and as you can see in today’s surf report waves were 2-4 feet., seeing lots of barrels and some of those waves looked intimidating.  Looking forward to next week and getting out there in the morning.

Lesson for the day, the month and in general for surfing, scoot further back on the board, nosediving is caused because I’m too far forward – I wish this would sink in as I’ve nose-dove way too many times.


Surfing article of the day: Best methods for keeping your Wetsuit smelling fresh    

Luckily the ladies from the Wahine Kai Surf Club gave some alternative solutions that I’ll try.

Sure wish these pictures of late would have some sunny skies instead of this dull grey.