Location: Bolsa China State Beach T25

Time in the water: 1 hr 20

Waves caught : 6-7 mostly white wash (contrary to the Surfline Ap)

fun level 7

the weather was beautiful this lovely Sunday afternoon, barely any wind and the current was mild. The water temp was warmer at around 67-68.  Im always nervous about stingrays at Bolsa Chica hence why I gave a fun level of 7 since I’m always panicked about getting stung, I have to get over this.

My husband joined in on the fun today and tried out his new board, he says his fun level was a 4, so not a big win, however he got out there on his own so IS a big win in my book.  He needs a few lessons under his belt and he’ll feel better, hopefully that fun level will rise after he’s more comfortable in the water.  He did get a little nauseous too, the man gets sea sick, so he’ll have to work on that somehow.

Todays lesson: work harder on turning around the board, I do the egg beaters, but I’m struggling getting in place to catch the wave, they come on too fast and I am not positioned properly, then I tumble over.  I did less nose diving today however there were still a few. I find that if I paddle closer to the front of the board I move much faster, when I try to catch a wave I have to move way back so I don’t topple over

Overall I had a great time and I want to go out again later this week.