I’m a little behind on my last two sessions so I’ll lump them into one as it was one full weekend away down at South Carlsbad.


Location: South Carlsbad State Beach, Tower 23

Time in the water:

Friday: 1 hr 35 m

Waves caught – 15 or 20 it seemed, the water was warm and it felt so good to be out there enjoying the beautiful day.





Friday’s surf session was my best ever.  I caught so many waves and it was due in part because I had some great coaching from a friend of mine who came down to surf.  It was good to have instruction in and out of the water, I’ll not mention his name but he’s a fellow black belt at the karate studio and surfs all of the time, thank you – you know who!!   The waves were 2-3 feet and I witnesses 1st hand a dolphin catching a wave with my buddy – what an awesome experience.  He was so close, right under him.  If only I had a camera!!

Lesson for Friday:  Turning the board around – that was a big one for me, I really struggle as it’s a 9ft board and it’s always a challenge to put myself in the right position to catch a wave, I gained a couple of tips on how to turn it around quickly.  Mainly by sitting at the bottom of the board and swinging it around allowed me to maneuver it better.  This was a great help and I’m so thankful for it.


Sunday: 1 hr 12 min

Waves caught: 3-4?

Sunday’s surf session wasn’t as good as Fridays for sure. I had a euphoria from the success from my previous rides so I went out with confidence, but got knocked down pretty quickly. I also got knocked in the jaw and scored another black eye – ugh.  I really have to be more careful when I’m out there as I can really hurt myself.  I guess that will be a lesson for every day – protect your head when you’re surfing.  The board is big and it’s coming for you.






My goal continues to be 2x per week, I was going to head out tonight down to Old Man’s but the conditions are poor to fair at 1 ft.   Next time I go out will be Saturday and Sunday.


The pictures below are of my niece and I on Sunday, she had some fun and got up 1x.  She’s a trooper and I’m proud she got out there and tried.